Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Back From Vacation in Oregon, and ready to talk more about finding literary agents!

When I got home I had half a dozen rejections in my mailbox. I am so happy.

What? Did I say happy?

Yup. Gotta get past the noes to get to the yeses, man.

Besides, I have a rejection pledge of 100 for the year.

Interesting note. While I was on the Oregon Coast I met a writer at a book signing, got to know him, he told me he thought I was a good storyteller based on our conversations, and he has started a new publishing company. Cool. If I can't land a big boy, he has invited me to send him my work. How cool is that? Oh, and the gentleman is: Dan Bessie,

  • Then, the next day I talk to a woman at one of the book stores and she is friends with a literary agent. We talked for a while, exchanged information, and I got to thinking: I go up to Oregon for vacation and in a couple days I land as many connections (2) as I have in Southern California over the last three years (2). How weird is that?

    They both made a comment about me that I appreciated. They both said, "I like your attitude. You are destined to be published because of it."

    Thank you. I took that to heart.

    Ciao for now,



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