Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Last night I was on an internet radio show

My Point Radio invited me to be a guest on their radio show. The show revolves around conservative politics, so it was obvious to me that they wanted me on the show because of my blog, Political Pistachio.

Recently, I placed the first chapter of The Way of Deception on my website. Apparently, the hosts of the show read it, and loved it.

The radio show turned out to revolve around my writing more than politics, though my view of the political situation was brought up a couple of times.

One of the callers was Jim Stewart, author of The Ghosts of Vietnam. He is a dear friend, and like the hosts, encouraged me to get published, even recommending self-publication, because he didn't feel that I should rot for however many years until an agent and publisher finally noticed me.

This is a pro-active step toward publication. I am all over the web, and I am creating a buzz for me. The path may not be a path taken by others, but I will reach publication in due time, and at a time that is consistant with the will of God.

Thank you for your appreciation of my work. I look forward to the day that I can sign the book you have bought.

God Bless.


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