Saturday, November 25, 2006

Mysterious Ways

Black Friday, a term I am not really that fond of, that refers to the shopping day after Thanksgiving, was truly a blessing this year.

In years past, twice to be honest, I have gone out with my wife to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving. After hours upon hours of running, squeezing, yelling, and fighting, both times at the end of the ordeal I told my wife, "Never again."

Last year I actually got into a tug of war over a Care Bear with a woman at one of the stores as she yelled at me, "I saw it first!"

I simply responded, "I pulled it off the shelves first!"

In fact, I had already taken a few steps away from the shelf when the woman put her mitts upon the toy in my hands and began tugging.

So, yesterday morning, as I lay in bed with chapters of my book dancing in my head, my wife says at five in the morning, "I need to go shopping. I have a few things to get, and I was hoping you would go with me."

"Oh,no, not this time," I replied in terror.

"No, no," she said. "This year I am not going to Wal-Mart. This time it is just Target. I promise, it won't be as bad."

Hesitantly, I agreed.

After shopping amidst a mild crowd, while waiting in line to pay for the items (which is where the real shoving and pushing seemed to be), I struck up a conversation with a gentleman a little older than myself, and with a woman in line behind him. The dialogue primarily revolved around how things have changed (I tell my kids the only consistently in life is that everything changes - holy cow, sounds like a David Bowie song). We told stories about when color television was a new thing, and about life without the modern conveniences of today.

I recounted a conversation I once had with my daughter, when I once told her that when I was a kid we didn't have microwave ovens. Well, she about gasped. "How, then, did you heat up your food?" was her innocent reply.

The story received a chuckle, and then we paid for our items and departed.

As my wife and I walked out of the store, it occurred to me that I should have given the gentleman one of my business cards which has the URL of my main site on it because it seemed to me he was the type that was a reader. My wife agreed, took the bags, and I returned to the store only to locate the man standing near the exit examining his receipts. I approached him, indicated I enjoyed the conversation, and offered my card.

The ensuing conversation revealed that he used to work for NBC, and something about his son's business being connected, I think. Anyway, I gave him my card and then he asked that question everyone asks. "What do you write?"

You know, after hearing that question as many times as I have, you would think that I would have a consistent response for it. Usually it's, "Uh, books."

This time it was a little better. I said, "I write political thrillers."

"Oh, how so?"

Hmmm. "Kind of a cross between conspiracy thrillers and international thrillers. A host of an internet radio show compared my writing to David Baldacci's."

The radio show sparked more conversation, and then eventually we parted ways, and the gentleman seemed sincere when he said that he would visit my site.

The fact that he has television connections made me feel fortunate about bumping into him.

As we drove away from the packed parking lot, I asked my wife if she wanted any breakfast.

She agreed.

But I desired something new. Something different. Then I realized that we have lived in Murrieta since 1989, and there is a small cafe in Temecula that has been there the whole time that we have never visited. So off to Penfolds we went.

While there, I thought it interesting that another couple that arrived just a little after we did, declined a booth for a table. My wife and I always prefer a booth, and actually we will wait extra time if we have to for one.

Then I heard the gentleman tell the waitress that it was because he wanted to keep an eye on his truck. Instinctively, I looked out the window and parked with its nose up to the window was a fire-engine-red antique truck.

Being the talker that I am, I said, "I don't blame you, it's a nice truck."

The couple chuckled, and then explained that the truck they wanted to watch, the one that belonged to them, was beyond the red truck, across the way. It was a normal, everyday truck, with their luggage packed in the bed.

The woman laughed, and the gentleman began to talk, explaining that they were on their way to Mexico on vacation.

As the conversation between our tables bounced back and forth, it turns out that the man at the other table was a lot like me. He about jumped up when I said that I am a writer that works construction until the day I make enough money as a writer.

He is a construction worker as well, writing at night, leaving his wife alone as his hands dance on the keyboard.

We exchanged information, and vowed to stay in touch.

As we left the cafe, my wife said to me, "And to think you didn't want to come with me this morning."

"Yeah," I said.

She added, "The Lord works in mysterious ways."

"Yes," I agreed, "He does."

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving - four straight days away from work so that I may write

Don't get me wrong, I love Thanksgiving and what it represents. I thank God for everything He has given me. Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for what we have been given by God.

And then, I will spend the weekend writing.

After all, The Way of Deception is being hailed by a number of people, and they want to read more of it.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My Newest Blog

I have added yet another internet site to my growing presence on the web.

It is called Right Angle in a Left Turn World

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Moving forward with the buzz of me.

Today I wrote my first post for My Point Right. It is called The Party of Reagan. As a, I don't know, I guess you could call it a "staff writer", I am trying to put out my best, but I wonder if I should have put that post on Political Pistachio as well.

I considered stating at the end of the post contributed by Douglas V. Gibbs, site owner of Political Pistachio, but I didn't want it to seem like I was trying to advertise my blog. Besides, if my name is clicked, Dave has the URL of my main site linked.

Earlier in the weekend I received an interesting e-mail from a visitor to my blogs. She indicated that she liked my sites, thought that I was a good writer, and that she appreciated my Christian Faith. Then she went on to say that she was involved in a Christian movie that will target the general audience, and she wanted to give my name (with a writing sample) to the producer.

Is this real? I don't want to be gullible, but then again, you never know.

I pointed her to the first chapter of The Way of Deception. She said that she was going to be gone for a week, but when she got back she'd take a look at it and then decide whether or not to forward my name to the producer.

Stay tuned.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Another site asked me to be added to their writing team

My Point Right belongs to a gentleman that goes by the name of Dave. He is also the host of My Point Radio, the show that asked me on as a guest last Monday. He has requested that I also write political posts for his site. I am honored by the request. Though the reality of life is that one needs to make a living, and money is a necessary part of that, as a writer I am always gratified when I am recognized for my ability with the craft of writing.

I should be posting my first article on that site soon, as soon as we get a log-in bug worked out.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Last night I was on an internet radio show

My Point Radio invited me to be a guest on their radio show. The show revolves around conservative politics, so it was obvious to me that they wanted me on the show because of my blog, Political Pistachio.

Recently, I placed the first chapter of The Way of Deception on my website. Apparently, the hosts of the show read it, and loved it.

The radio show turned out to revolve around my writing more than politics, though my view of the political situation was brought up a couple of times.

One of the callers was Jim Stewart, author of The Ghosts of Vietnam. He is a dear friend, and like the hosts, encouraged me to get published, even recommending self-publication, because he didn't feel that I should rot for however many years until an agent and publisher finally noticed me.

This is a pro-active step toward publication. I am all over the web, and I am creating a buzz for me. The path may not be a path taken by others, but I will reach publication in due time, and at a time that is consistant with the will of God.

Thank you for your appreciation of my work. I look forward to the day that I can sign the book you have bought.

God Bless.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

An evening with Gary W. Moore

Every once in a while in life, we experience encounters with people that touch our lives in ways it is difficult to explain, and impossible to understand in the sense of the big picture.

Gary W. Moore has touched my life, both spiritually as a Christian, and as a writer.

I drove to Pasadena to meet with him at a book signing. This is the second meeting I have had with him. The first was in San Diego a few weeks ago.

His book, Playing with the Enemy, is one of those books that is impossible to forget once you read it. An emotional experience, to be honest. A non-fiction book that reads like a novel.

And after talking to him (and of course I talked a lot), he bought me a soda, and he and his wife sat and chatted with me and my wife for a little more time, even though they were pressed a little for time. Then, in the parking garage, he prayed with me.

This is what being a writer is all about. It is amazing, really. Writers tend to be the most giving people I know. But Gary has given more than his time and energy. He has given me, and all of his readers, his heart.

Thank you, Gary. I enjoyed the time with you, and it has energized me as a writer.

Buy his book, Playing with the Enemy. It is the best you'll ever read.

God Bless.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Listen for me on My Point Radio!

I plan to call in on My Point Radio on November 8th at 4 pm! Listen in! Click the title above to learn how.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Just completed reading "Playing with the Enemy" by Gary W. Moore

This book did something to me that no other book has ever done to me before. It made me cry. Not once, or twice, but eight times.

It is more than a book about second chances, and as you read you become so involved with the characters that you begin to really care about them, knowing them, worrying about them.

The message in the end is fantastic as well.

Buy it. Read it. It's a good one.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Snowball Express

Outside of writing for a moment, for a good cause!

About the Snowball Express

Please help the children have a great time at Snowball Express and help fund scholarships and assistance programs for the families.

"For the children of our fallen warriors… Reaching out now and far into the future." - Michael Kerr
Those who protect us deserve our thanks, our support and our help. Those in the Armed Forces who have laid down their lives in service to our way of life deserve our gratitude and our commitment to helping the family members they left behind.

The Snowball Express will provide a holiday experience for every child who has lost a parent while serving in our military forces during the Afghanistan and Iraq conflict since 9/11. We will be bringing the children and surviving parent or guardian from throughout the nation to Orange County in mid-December, 2006 for a holiday party and a trip to Disneyland.

More importantly, it's so we don't forget those who secure our way of life.

There are many ways to help. From donations to long-term involvement by providing continuing support for the families.

Send a check to:

M. Scott Kerr Foundation
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(Tax exempt status applied for)
Orange Coast Snowball Express
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