Friday, April 04, 2008

Getting it all done. . .

I last wrote on this blog with the enthusiastic intention of paying more attention to this ever-important site. Well, so much for that.

Now that I have spent a lot of time on my political blogs and my radio show, I realized it was time to return to this blog again, and of course work on my books.

Time has a funny way of slipping through one's fingers.

This morning I also decided to create a new blog (like I have enough time for all of my sites as it is) called Liberal Troll Haven. Liberal Trolls, you see, fascinate me. Well, that, and I don't have the ability to leave well enough alone, I guess. Anyhow, rather than inundate Political Pistachio with posts that battle the trolls, I thought I would create a site specifically for battling these harbingers of idiocy. And, I have left the comment section wide open for their responses. May be interesting.

As for the book, The Way of Deception has changed drastically. Viewpoint is still in its infancy.

Okay, enough of this blogging stuff, back to the books.


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