Monday, January 28, 2008

James Houston Turner

A while back I wanted to post on this, but our friends at Blogger decided for a while that my blog was a Spam Blog - sorry, fellas, it's not.

Anyway, on Saturday, January 19th, I drove out to Los Angeles to meet with James Houston Turner, the author of The Identity Factor. He had flown out here from Australia to see his son, who is a United States Marine, and to conduct a book signing at The Mystery Bookstore in L.A.

Before flying out to the United States, he sent invitations to all of his MySpace friends, and I am one of those people. I responded saying that I was unable to attend because the book signing interfered with my radio show. I later changed my showtime, and yes, that is me and Mrs. Pistachio in the picture above talking to James Houston Turner.

When we met, we hit it off. James had also set aside a book for me and personalized the autograph. I decided to also buy an extra one, and came home with two of his books.

Last Saturday we met again, deciding to have a little coffee at a McDonalds in San Diego County. Well, the coffee meeting grew to beyond two hours, and the meeting was fantastic. And in the end, he gave me three books to give away on Saturday when he is a guest on Political Pistachio Radio, and I gave him a bunch of Political Pistachio bumper stickers.

I feel fortunate to have met this writer, and I am reading his book right now. I will give you a report when I am finished.

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