Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Week #14 Football Predictions. . . the cream rise to the top

Week #1: 9-6
Week #2: 14-2
Week #3: 12-4
Week #4:  9-7
Week #5: 10-4
Week #6: 7-7
Week #7: 12-3
Week #8: 9-4
Week #9: 8-5
Week #10: 11-3
Week #11: 10-4
Week #12: 13-3
Week #13: 9-7
............................. 133-59 Record So Far

✘ OUCH, I lost big this week, my first losing day of the year.  6-10.

Here's My Week #14 Predictions

OAK @ KC: The Chiefs suddenly can't win, and this game is critical for the Raiders' post-season hopes.  Oakland wins, and grabs the division.  Khalil Mack's great game last week against New York carries over, and has the KC's QB running for his life most of the game.  Oakland RB Lynch breaks open the KC defense, and has yet another strong game.

NO @ ATL: The Falcons have lost that playoff feeling, and Brees will continue to solidify the Saints' place in the hunt for a Super Bowl Championship.

IND @ BUF: Both Buffalo and Indy are done for the year, but the Bills have a little more in the tank.  The Colts are waiting for next season, which is when they will get their Luck back.

MIN @ CAR: Minnesota has been proving they are one of the teams to beat. . . especially when it comes to their superior defense.  Once again, Baltimore's defense carries the day, and the offense is energized by it.

CHI @ CIN: After losing to the lowly 49ers, the Bears are emotionally bankrupt.  Bengals win at home.

GB @ CLE: Packers can't win without Aaron Rodgers. . . except maybe against the winless Browns.

SF @ HOU: Playoff hopes have been dashed, but the Texans are still willing to fight for a win.

DET @ TB: I really like Stafford, but he just doesn't have the tools around him to win.  The Bucs are not much better, but they should be able to win this one at home.

DAL @ NYG: The Giants were bad, but with Geno Smith behind center instead of Eli Manning makes them extra bad, and creates a bad environment in the lockerrom.  Dak Prescott realizes if the Cowboys are going to make it to the playoffs, it is time to win, and they have to win all of their games.  Cowboys have an easier record than many of their rivals going into the final weeks of the season, and they will be playing in high gear.

TEN @ ARI: The Cardinals have fallen to earth without Carson Palmer in there over the last month.  His broken bones have left Arizona broken beyond repair.  Meanwhile, Titans have an outside shot for playoffs, and they are going to fight for it.

NYJ @ DEN: The Broncos are finished.  Time to look for a new quarterback.  Jets aren't much better, and out of the gate I thought they would be the worst team in the NFL.  New York, however, has been an overachiever, and they are good enough to beat the Broncos.

WAS @ LAC: Three-way Tie for first going into this week, and the Chargers actually believe they can do something about it.  Philip Rivers is the NFL Player with the most consecutive games in the same uniform.  Though the Chargers gave up on San Diego, they never gave up on Rivers. . . and he hasn't given up on them.  Chargers win, keeping the AFC West very interesting.

SEA @ JAX: Russell Wilson's time for a resurgence?  Perhaps.  Jacksonville has a strong defense, but the Seattle offense might be able to break through and score.  Seahawks win a close one.

PHI @ LAR: Holy Cow those Rams have been good, but so has the Eagles . . . and despite the firm loss to Seattle last week, Philadelphia still has among the top offenses in the NFL.  Then again, so do the Rams.  Both teams have overachieving young quarterbacks and defenses that sometimes can be suspect.  Philly is slightly the better team.

BAL @ PIT: Both good teams, but the experience and toughness goes to Pittsburgh.

NE @ MIA: I haven't been betting against Tom Brady, and I am not about to start, now.

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