Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Week #13 - NFL Football Game Predictions

Week #1: 9-6
Week #2: 14-2
Week #3: 12-4
Week #4:  9-7
Week #5: 10-4
Week #6: 7-7
Week #7: 12-3
Week #8: 9-4
Week #9: 8-5
Week #10: 11-3
Week #11: 10-4
Week #12: 13-3
............................. 124-52 Record So Far

Here's My Week #13 Predictions

NYG @ OAK: Raiders realize the end is near, so win they must, and the do. . . at home.

WAS @ DAL: Redskins give me a feeling this week.  Can't explain it.  Dallas and Washington have the same record.  Based on their total quarterback ratings so far this year, Cowboys QB Dak Prescott has a 68.1 (ranking him at #6) and Kirk Cousins has a 60.1 (ranking him at #8).  Washington's offense is ranked 11th in the league, Dallas' is at #16.  Washington has the 20th ranked defense in the league, Dallas is at #22.  Washington has a slight edge, and will win it.

MIN @ ATL: This was a hard one to call.  Also two teams who are very much alike, but I think Matt Ryan pulls off a stunner with his above average play at quarterback.

DET @ BAL: Baltimore's defense carries the day, and the game.

NE @ BUF: New England has been spectacular.  Nobody can beat them except with a surprise.

SF @ CHI: Two bad teams, but the Bears have a superior defense.

TB @ GB: Rodgers' replacement is still on a learning curve.

IND @ JAX: The Jaguars have the number one defense in the league, and Bortles can outscore the Colts offense as long as Andrew Luck stays sidelined.

DEN @ MIA: Denver can't even beat the Dolphins, who have surprisingly overachieved, considering what they have to work with.

KC @ NYJ: Mighty KC got beat by Buffalo last week.  They have the Raiders and the Chargers nipping at their heels.  They won't make the mistake of losing a game they should have won, again.

HOU @ TEN: Houston has been a lot of fun to watch, but the Titans have more weapons.

CLE @ LAC: The Browns will continue to lose in a rout by the Chargers, who are starting to feel good about themselves, and a possible run for the playoffs.  Too bad they will let their fans down again, this year, at the last moment.

CAR @ NO: The Saints' streak was broken, and now the superior defense of the Panthers will continue to humble Drew Brees and crew.

LAR @ ARI: The Rams mowed over the Saints last week, showing everyone that the previous loss was a minor set-back.  Goff and gang wants the league to believe they are the real thing, and will defeat the Cardinals to pound the message in just a little deeper.

PHI @ SEA:  People have been asking if Eagles Quarterback Carson Wentz is the next Tom Brady.  He's sure been playing like it.  He's definitely not the next Russell Wilson.

PIT @ CIN: Steelers' superior fire power levels the Bengals.

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