Monday, November 13, 2017

Week #11: NFL's Winners and Losers

Cutler is beginning to get
deliriously excited about
winning in Miami. . . and
the team is beginning to believe
in him - despite their recent losses.
Week #1: 9-6
Week #2: 14-2
Week #3: 12-4
Week #4:  9-7
Week #5: 10-4
Week #6: 7-7
Week #7: 12-3
Week #8: 9-4
Week #9: 8-5
Week #10: 11-3
.............. 101-45 record so far

✘   10-4 This Week

Here's My Week #11 Predictions

NE @ OAK: I am a Raiders fan, so this was a hard pick to make, but the reality is that Tom Brady has, as the sportscaster said last week, lives in a place that Father Time can't seem to find.  The Patriots have been, aside from Week #1, extremely unbeatable.  Brady is playing at his best, flipping retirement the bird. The Raiders have been struggling to win, this year, in part due to Carr's back injury early on.  I am not counting Oakland out, but this game in Mexico will likely belong to New England.  That said, if Carr can pull it off, I will make them favorites to get to the Super Bowl, because aside from Kansas City, New England is the primary reason why they can't get there.

TEN @ PIT: The Titans have been playing pretty good ball, but the Steelers are in "eye on the prize" mode, and will only get better during the second half of the season.  The Steel Curtain is 7-2 going into this game for a reason.

TB @ MIA: Both of these Florida teams have won more than originally expected.  I think Cutler has settled in, and has figured out how to use the weapons he has available to him.  Plus, he's the more experienced of the two quarterbacks.  That said, I have a feeling it will be a close one.

DET @ CHI: Detroit is the better team, and will stay undefeated in the division.  Chicago, while performing better than most have expected, will remain winless in their division.

JAX @ CLE: The Browns have been finding ways to beat themselves, and Bortles is figuring out how to win.  Jaguars win easily.

BAL @ GB: Somehow, the Packers figured it out last week against Chicago.  The Baltimore defense will not be as easy on them, and the Ravens offense is much better than the offense of the Bears.  Baltimore wins, and Packers will lose big in front of the home crowd.  Simply put, the Packers are lost without Aaron Rodgers.

ARI @ HOU: Savage figures out a way to win at home.  The Cardinals are the better team, but I just feel this one will belong to the Texans.

LAR @ MIN: Holy Cow, the Rams have been exciting to watch, running up big numbers in an incredible season.  While the Vikings are technically the better team, and the Rams won't rack up the same kind of numbers against Minnesota they've been putting up all season long, the Rams will continue to win, and continue to keep L.A. excited about having their blue and gold back in Southern California - winning this one in a close one, but doing so on the road.

WAS @ NO: The Saints have been winning easily ever since their third week win - with their only losses coming to the Vikings and the Patriots in games number 1 and 2.  New Orleans looks playoff ready, and Brees seems unstoppable.  This one will belong to the Saints at home, with them winning by at least ten.

KC @ NYG: The Chiefs are back on target, ready to make a run for the playoffs, and they will run over the Giants hard and mercilessly.

BUF @ LAC: The Chargers always seem to find a way to lose. . . but this week they will win, despite turnovers, and bad play.  Rivers, finally fed up with losing, will out-experience whoever the quarterback is that will be throwing.  We hear it won't be Tyrod.

CIN @ DEN: The Broncos looked pitiful against the Patriots.  Of course they did.  Tom Terrific tends to do that to teams.  But the special teams play was awful, and the defense was broken.  The fillies from Denver have no confidence remaining, and the desperate Bengals will take full advantage of it, coming out on top in this battle between 3-6 teams.

PHI @ DAL: The Eagles have been unstoppable, and will continue to be after their rest last weekend.  Wentz will dismantle the Cowboys' defense, and the Eagles defense will find a way to rope and tie up Dallas' O-Line.

ATL @ SEA: Both teams have been underachievers this year, but the Seahawks know how to play well at home, winning all of their home games, except one, so far this year.  Atlanta is 3-4 on the road.  Seattle wins a close one at home.

Teams on Bye:

Carolina Panthers, Indianapolis Colts, New York Jets, San Francisco 49ers

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