Thursday, November 09, 2017

Week #10, NFL Round-up, Predictions for Game Winners

Tom Brady will continue to dazzle. . . 
Week #1: 9-6
Week #2: 14-2
Week #3: 12-4
Week #4:  9-7
Week #5: 10-4
Week #6: 7-7
Week #7: 12-3
Week #8: 9-4
Week #9: 8-5
.............. 90-42 record so far

Here's My Week #10 Predictions

SEA @ ARI: Wilson makes up for last week's misfire, spanks Carson Palmer and crew in the desert.

NO @ BUF: Drew Brees and the Saints have been mostly winning, and will follow their winning ways in this close game in cold weather.

GB @ CHI: I have not been picking the Bears at all this year, but against a Packers team without Aaron Rodgers, and a strong defense at home in the Windy City, Chicago gets this one.

CLE @ DET: Detroit is already the better team.  They especially are at home, against a struggling Browns franchise.

PIT @ IND: Without Luck, the Colts are no match for Big Ben and the Iron Curtain from Pittsburgh.

LAC @ JAX: The Chargers have over-achieved so far, but they won't against the Jaguars at home.

NYJ @ TB: Are the Jets playoff worthy?  Well, they are better than that other team from New York, and they are better than all three teams from Florida.

CIN @ TEN: Titans have not been winning games they should've won.  They will make up for it at home with a close win over the Bengals.

MIN @ WAS: Vikings defense will tear up the Redskins offense.  Minnesota wins decisively.

HOU @ LAR: The Rams have been winning big, and will win big against the Texans in the City of Angels.  Is it possible that the 2017 Rams may be playoff bound?

DAL @ ATL: Falcons have lost a bunch of games, and have hardly been acting like the team that made it to the Super Bowl last year.  The Cowboys, however, are without the services of suspended running back Ezekiel Elliot.  Recently injured Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant will be playing, but he won't be 100%, and he won't have Elliot setting up the passing game.  Falcons QB Matt Ryan will capitalize, and win big.  Will that bring enough confidence into the Atlanta locker room for a final charge for the postseason?

NYG @ SF: 49ers aren't capable of beating anyone, at this point, especially a seasoned QB like Eli Manning.

NE @ DEN: Denver's defense, as good as it is, is no match for the great one, Tom Terrific.

MIA @ CAR: Tough decision on this one, but since it was so close in who will win, in my mind, I've got to give it to the home team who should be able to capitalize on their homefield advantage.

Teams on Bye:

Baltimore Ravens, Kansas City Chiefs, Oakland Raiders, Philadelphia Eagles

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