Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Week #7 NFL Football Predictions

I took a beating last week. . .

Week #1: 9-6
Week #2: 14-2
Week #3: 12-4
Week #4:  9-7
Week #5: 10-4
Week #6: 7-7
.............. 61-30 record so far

Here's The Week #7 Predictions

KCOAK: Raiders quarterback Derek Carr is back.  Last week, however, wasn't the homecoming he hoped for losing by one to the hated Chargers.  He feels he has something to prove.  KC, with last week's gut-wrenching loss to Pittsburgh, their first of the season, are doubting themselves.  Oakland in a close one at home.

TB @ BUF: The Bills are flying high with a 3-2 record, and Tampa Bay is struggling with a 2-3 record.  The Bills have proven to have a good defense.  The Bucs offense has been pretty good.  While Evans has been a favorite target of Tampa Bay quarterback Jameis Winston, with Jameis not fully healthy I don't believe he can overcome the Bills' defense.  Buffalo wins it.

CARCHI: Carolina faltered against Philly last week, but honestly, Wentz has been impressing the entire league.  I was foolish to go against them, last week.  That said, Chicago's win against Baltimore was an even bigger surprise.  So, who's the lucky ones?  I really don't hold a lot of faith in Chicago's offense. I have to go with Carolina, on this one.

TEN @ CLE: The Browns haven't won one, yet, and they aren't about to start in this game.  Tennessee desperately wants to get into the winning record column, and are going into this game right at .500 - Mariota has a good game, and Cleveland's fans will go home empty.

NO@ GB: Aaron Rodgers is down for the season, therefore, Green Bay's season is over.  Without their great quarterback, the Packers can't outscore Drew Brees and his high scoring Saints.

JAX @ IND: Jacksonville has won two of their three last road games, and have been putting up some pretty decent numbers.  Indy's defense has been atrocious.  The Jaguars' running game, and defense will beat up on the Colts. . . while Andrew Luck's injury may be coming close to an end, there's no guarantee he'll be able to do much to help Indianapolis in this game.

ARI @ LAR: The Rams have been showing glimpses of who they will be in the near future.  In a tight game, they get the victory in London against an Arizona team that has been up and down in search of recent greatness.

NYJ @ MIA: I've been saying that the Jets and Dolphins are among the two worse teams in the NFL, then they both began to win.  So much for the race to the bottom theory.  Now that they are facing off, it was difficult to determine who would pull this week's game off with a win.  The Jets gave Tom Terrific and the New England Patriots a run for their money, and Miami, with Cutler in charge, pulled off a win against Matt Ryan's Atlanta Falcons last week.  Despite the home advantage, I am going to give this one to New York. . . in a squeaker that may go into overtime.

BAL @ MIN: The Vikings are coming off of three wins out of their last four games, but the Ravens seem to play better on the road.  Now that they knocked Aaron Rodgers out for the season, Minnesota has become a favorite to win the division.  That is a confidence booster the Vikings plan to carry into their game against Baltimore.  The Vikings will take advantage of the noise at home, and win this won, but I don't think they will cover their 4.5 point spread.

DALSF: The Cowboys' Ezekiel Elliot is a running machine, and San Francisco is 0-5.  Easy call.  Dallas wins this one by a bunch.

CIN @ PIT: The Steelers have been a little eclectic, but Big Ben's got it under control at home against Cincy. Pittsburgh has the slightly better offense, especially when it comes to the Red Zone, and the Steelers also have a better defense (statistically, anyway).  Plus, they are at home.  The Iron Curtain wins, but by less than a touchdown (but more than a field goal).

DEN @ LAC: Denver has a fantastic defense, but no quarterback.  However, their rushing game has been pretty good.  The Chargers have a pretty good defense, and a good quarterback, but no offense around Philip Rivers.  Denver wins because of its defense in front of a small crowd in the small stadium in Carson, California.

SEA @ NYG: The odds-makers have the Seahawks winning by a little more than a touchdown.  They are right.  New York's defense is no match for Seattle's explosive offense (when it decides to explode).  Eli Manning is overrated, and Seattle's defense will shut him down.  I suspect the win might be by more than two touchdowns for the Seahawks.

ATL @ NE: In a Super Bowl rematch, while Atlanta is capable of beating the Patriots, they are not capable of doing it in front of New England's home crowd.

WAS @ PHI: The Eagles have made me a believer. . . even against division rival Washington.

Teams on Bye:

Detroit Lions, Houston Texans

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