Monday, February 04, 2008

The Journey So Far

As I continue to build my market through blogs and my Blog Talk Radio Show (Political Pistachio Radio)
I am discovering relationships with authors (and a few other people I feel greatly humbled to know) that are inspiring me to move forward, and continue my journey to wherever the Lord wants me to be.

The first author I got to know, and one that inspired me to continue on with my goal of becoming a published writer, is J.A. Konrath. Joe is one of those people that I can relate to. An average guy with an above average ability to write. Like me, he endured a lot of rejections in the industry, until suddenly he landed a big deal. Konrath secured a six-digit deal for his Jack Daniels Detective series, and wrote about his journey along the way. It was the June, 2004 issue, page 32, "After the BIG SALE" by J.A. Konrath, that first caught my attention. The article outlines in a journal style the road to becoming published for Joe Konrath, and how a regular guy suddenly found himself joining the club of published writers. . . and with a six figure deal to boot. That journal about his excitement, and how it all happened for him, was inspiring, as was a later article in the September 2005 issue of Writer's Digest. The title of that article was "After the Book Comes Out," and the lessons I learned from the article inspired me, and made me remember that although the publishing game seems to be primarily about those with name recognition getting published, unknowns can still pull it off. I later had the opportunity to meat with Konrath, and Mario Acevedo, in San Diego at the Mysterious Galaxy bookstore. . . and had dinner with them afterward. It was about six months after that meeting that I began to blog.

In July of 2006, while on a trip to the Oregon Coast I met another writer, and an up and coming publisher, by the name of Dan Bessie. Meeting him and his wonderful wife was the highlight of that trip, and the relationship continues to this day, although now Dan and his wife live in France. Well, if ever I visit France, I have a friend to visit too. Anyway, getting to know Dan added to what I had already learned from Konrath, "Don't stop trying, and enjoy the journey."

On October 2, 2006 I attended a booksigning in San Diego that changed my path as a writer drastically. I had found out about a book called "Playing With The Enemy" by Gary W. Moore while browsing through the internet - and, being the history and baseball enthusiast that I am, I just had to attend that book signing. Along with Gary at that booksigning was Jeff Edwards, author of "Torpedo." Well, as a Navy veteran, I thought to myself, "What a great opportunity to meet two fantastic writers, one with a book about my beloved Navy, and the other about World War II and baseball." The friendships with them both have been fantastic and inspiring. And out of those friendships also came my acceptance into the Military Writers Society of America (through which I met Jim Stewart, author of The Ghosts of Vietnam/Angel of Vietnam), and eventually the American Authors Association as well.

Shortly after that, I attended my first Writers Conference. The conference I attended was The La Jolla Writers Conference in San Diego, California. After the first day of the conference, and please don't think me horrible for saying this, I didn't feel like I was told anything that I didn't know. Little did I know, the next two days would knock that cocky little attitude right out of my thick skull. In short, I learned a lot.

In November of 2006 I completed reading Playing With The Enemy and at that time realized that Gary W. Moore's book was hands down the best book I had ever read. I had to meet him again and tell him so. Shortly afterward I drove to meet with Gary W. Moore in Pasadena, and the man touched me in more ways than just the inspiration of becoming a writer. As a Christian, he helped me realize that the writing isn't just about me, or my book, it is about God's plan for my life. Life is about chances, and second chances, and paths the Lord takes us that we don't even expect. From that day onward, a wonderful friendship has developed, and I feel blessed to know Gary W. Moore.

Shortly after that, on November 13th, 2006 I was a guest on a show called "My Point Radio." The hosts, Dave and Jenn, asked me about my work in progress, and about my blogging. Apparently, Jenn was (and is) a fan of my blog, Political Pistachio, and had mentioned me on a prior occasion on the show. Night Rider, better known now to me as Phil, took it upon himself to learn more about me, and ever since then a friendship with Dave, Jenn and Phil has ensued. That was my first introduction to Blog Talk Radio, and little did I know, it would be only a matter of time before I was a host myself.

In early December of 2006 I had another opportunity to meet an author at the Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore in San Diego, California. This time I got to meet Howard V. Hendrix, a very intelligent mind, and a fantastic person to have the opportunity to speak to. Though I am not in constant touch with him, the meeting with him in that bookstore that night was definitely an experience that broadened my knowledge, and inspired me as a writer. The following day I went out to Imperial east of San Diego to meet with Jim Stewart at an event where the proceeds of the sales of his book went to the Wounded Warriors charity, an organization created to support the families of our wounded warriors.

On January 7th, 2007 my computer crashed, and many of my files were not backed up. The setback regarding my writing projects was severe, and the work on The Way Of Deception in regards to the latest rewrite was completely lost. The devastation affected my writing and my life. But, like any good writer, I got back on the horse and continued on with my writing, trying to recapture in my book what I had lost.

After toying with Wide Awakes Radio, and then their stream going down, on February 24, 2007 my Political Pistachio radio show premiered on Blog Talk Radio, and with it the opportunity to further market myself, and help market my fellow writers. In the beginning the show wasn't that great, but as time passed I grew, the show got better, and so did the guests.

But you know, I think I will talk about all of that on another post sometime.

Well, Gary W. Moore has been a guest three times, and numerous other writers have joined the show too. Bloggers and politicians so far have also graced my little show with their presence. But like I said, that will have to be on another post. This one is long enough already. God Bless, and we'll talk to you soon.